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RESHMA ENTERPRISES Services have been in the business of housekeeping and Pest Control. Carpet Cleaning, Chair Shampooing.The organization believes in total quality management wherein besides providing responsible manpower. The company also ensures top quality services through the use of their products and equipments Studies show that decision makers ten to focus on a few criteria’s when selecting a company and product. The key criteria for company selection being image, integrity, manpower and credibility and the key criteria for product selection being quality, safety, responsibility and efficiency. We are proud to say that we meet with these criteria for both company and product and we believe that if given the opportunity to undertake an assignment, we will be able to deliver results ensuring client and customer satisfaction.
To ensure client and customer satisfaction to provide cleanliness of the highest order, to use environmentally friendly products to provide quality and efficient service, set standards in the management of hygiene and cleanliness and to provide manpower that is motivated and responsible by providing continuous training and motivational programs.


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